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Catalogue | GreenTest - Portable Nitrate Tester for Fruit and Vegetable

GreenTest - Portable Nitrate Tester for Fruit and Vegetable

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The Greentest, food safety testing device, helps people to make healthier choices about their food. The innovative device also helps people in the food business make healthier decisions about the food they choose to grow and sell. It is suitable for small-scale farmers, distributors, store owners, caterers and more anyone with a stake in serving up healthy food. Unlike other methods and equipment on the market, it's an easy to use food safety testing device with a simple interface and clear, unmistakable results.
Portable, compact and lightweight: Greentest is designed with your convenience in mind. The compact and lightweight device is small enough to fit into your pocket or easily carried in your bag to take with you wherever you go.

Accurate, down to micro-Sieverts (uSv) personal radiation meters usually very expensive but we offer personal radiation and food testing meter that offers high accuracy at a more affordable price ecotester 2-in-1 radiation detector & nitrate food Tester. For a concerned consumer it is the most reliable and easy way to monitor radiation exposure as well as the useful tool that help to eliminate foods that contain elevated levels of chemical contamination from your diet...more

Greentest is a portable digital nitrate detector for fruit, vegetables and meat. Developed using the latest in nitrate testing technology, the innovative Greentest device allows you to quickly and accurately determine the quality of 64 of the most commonly consumed fruit and vegetables as well as all types of meat.  With just one click Greentest can tell you the nitrate level of your fruit, vegetables and meat and whether it is safe to eat...more
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